Pumas UNAM 19/20 Home Jersey by Nike A1027782

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The new Pumas home jersey is the stuff of deities. Once upon a time, standing tall in what is now known as Mexico City, rested El Templo Mayor – a spiritual temple paying homage to the gods of sun and rain. On the left side of the temple, early Mexica peoples worshiped Huitzilopchtli, god of the sun. It is his imagery that graces the 19/20 Pumas home top. The golden Pumas logo and its accompanying sleeve cuffs and collar represent golden sunrays with their color, while an actual sunray graphic bursts from the center of the top. Detailing the front and back of the jersey is a repeating sun graphical element as well, representing the eye of Ollin. It’s a jersey that pays respects to the history of a city, to the heritage of a culture.

• Replica
• Sunburst graphic and repeating sun imagery representing an ancient Mexica sun deity honored in what is now modern-day Mexico City
• Dri-FIT technology for moisture control
• 100% polyester
• Officially licensed

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